Plate Shifter


Plate Shifters ( Cake Discharge )

Manual Cake discharge (usually in small Filter press) - After the cake formation is confirmed plate-closing device is opened out and sliding plate is shifted towards free end. Now each plate is shifted towards the sliding plate thus creating sufficient gap between the plates to manually push the cake out.

Reciprocating Shuttle type Shifter - perfectly designed shifting mechanism filter plate manual labor completely. Device automatically shifts one plate at a time towards the sliding filter plate creating enough gap to enable filter cake to fall down by its down weight. Hydraulic or electric motor can be supplied for shifting with total speed control.

Shaking device - Automatic shaking device designed and made to perfection shifts all the filter plate at one time maintaining constant predetermined gap between two adjacent plates. Hydraulic or electric motor group of plates at a time at adjustable frequency and number of revolutions which induces complete and total discharge of filter cake without any person attention.